Keyboard Shortcuts

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F1 Help

F2 Rename

F3 View

F4 Edit

F5 Copy

F6 Move / Rename

F7 Create directory

F8 Delete files

F9 Calculates the size of the selected files

F10 Quit

F11 Attributes

F12 Compression

ALT+F1 Select a drive for the left panel

ALT+F2 Select a drive for the right panel

ALT+F3 QuickView

ALT+F4 Quit

ALT+Enter Decompress

CTRL+F4 Open editor

CTRL + Enter Inserts a new tab

SHIFT+F2 New text file

SHIFT+F3 Select external viewer for selected filetype

SHIFT+F4 Edit in notepad (also for system and hidden files)

SHIFT+F5 Copy direct

SHIFT+F6 Advanced rename

SHIFT+F8 Delete without undo

SHIFT+F9 Create shortcut

SHIFT+F12 Compress here

NUM + Make / add selection

NUM - Remove from selection

NUM * Invert selection

INSERT Selects one file or directory in the panel

Backspace Up one directory

TAB Switch between panels

Random Letter typing in the commandline / Jumps to the first letter of the file or directory


- Changes directories

- Starts an application

- Opens the associated program

- Starts the commandline in the console

- Opens a compressed file

Esc key In the viewer: Exits the WinNc viewer

CTRL+B Clip box

CTRL+E Console

CTRL+F Find files

CTRL+N Network connect

CTRL+R Reread directory

CTRL+S Slide show

CTRL+Y Synchronize

CTRL+W Tree View

CTRL+C Copy files to clipboard

CTRL+X Cut files to clipboard

CTRL+V Paste files from clipboard to active directory



In the Norton Commander mode:

CTRL+ALT+Char(s) Press CRT + ALT and one or more character(s). WinNc will scroll the active panel to the filename(s) starting the selected character(s).