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Play Audio in WinNc

File:Audio viewer winnc.png

Keyboard shortcuts in the Audio viewer

  • CTRL + Arrow right: Fast forward in song
  • CTRL + Arrow left: Fast backward in song
  • CTRL + Arrow up: Volume up in audio viewer
  • CTRL + Arrow down: Volume down in audio viewer
  • Arrow right: Next song
  • Arrow left: Previous song
  • ESC: Quit

Rip Audio CD Settings

MP3 Settings

  • Sample Rate: Lets you adjust the sample rate
  • BitRate: Lets you adjust the bit rate
  • Max Bitrate: Adjust this for max VBR bitrate
  • Mode: Select mono or stereo
  • Quality: Selects the quality of the mp3 (higher quality means you will experience longer render times)
  • MPEG Layer: Select mono or stereo
  • Copyright: Turns the copyright function on
  • Original: Select to give the MP3 an original tag
  • CRC: Checks the integrity
  • Private: Select to give the MP3 an private tag
  • Variable Bitrate (VBR): With VBR you can create MP3 files that will e.g. compress silent and easily compressable audio to a smaller file when possible.
  • Write VBR Header: Write a VBR Header
  • VBR Quality: Adjust the quality

Extract CD to mp3

WinNc can rip (extract) audio cd and encode them to WAV or directly to MP3. To rip a cd place the audio cd in one of your drives, open the cd drive in WinNc and copy the .cda files to the directory you want the MP3 to be stored in. WinNc will confirm that you want to RIP the selected files. You can use the default settings below (recommended) or adjust the settings as you like.

Extraction settings

Extract to MP3 If you turn the MP3 of, the cd-rip function will extract the files to WAV.

Read cd content from CDDB CDDB is a service that will name your ripped files as a songnumber. This information is stored on an internet server.

CD Database Selects the CDDB servername on the internet and the port.