Keyboard Shortcuts

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F1 Help

F2 Rename

F3 View

F4 Edit

F5 Copy

F6 Move / Rename

F7 Create directory

F8 Delete files

F9 Calculates the size of the selected files

F10 Quit

F11 Attributes

F12 Compression

ALT+F1 Select a drive for the left panel

ALT+F2 Select a drive for the right panel

ALT+F3 QuickView

ALT+F4 Quit

ALT+Enter Decompress

CTRL+F4 Open editor

CTRL + Enter Inserts a new tab

CTRL+A Select all files files, directories

CTRL+B Clip box

CTRL+E Console

CTRL+F Find files

CTRL+N Network connect

CTRL+R Reread directory

CTRL+S Slide show

CTRL+T Tumbnail View

CTRL+Y Synchronize

CTRL+W Tree View

CTRL+C Copy files to clipboard

CTRL+X Cut files to clipboard

CTRL+V Paste files from clipboard to active directory

CTRL+Up Volume up in audio viewer

CTRL+Down Volume down in audio viewer




SHIFT+F2 New text file

SHIFT+F3 Select external viewer for selected filetype

SHIFT+F4 Edit in notepad (also for system and hidden files)

SHIFT+F5 Copy direct

SHIFT+F6 Advanced Rename

SHIFT+F8 Delete without undo

SHIFT+F9 Create shortcut

SHIFT+F12 Compress here

SHIFT+LEFT Navigate back

SHIFT+RIGHT Navigates forward after navigating back

NUM + Make / add selection

NUM - Remove from selection

NUM * Invert selection

INSERT Selects one file or directory in the panel

Backspace Up one directory

TAB Switch between panels

UP Jumps to the previeous element on the selected panel

DOWN Jumps to the next element on the selected panel

HOME Jumps to the first element on the selected panel

END Jumps to the last element on the selected panel

Random Letter

  • Typing in the commandline
  • Jumps to the first letter of the file or directory


  • Changes directories
  • Starts an application
  • Opens the associated program
  • Starts the commandline in the console
  • Opens a compressed file

Esc key In the viewer: Exits the WinNc viewer

In the Norton Commander mode:

CTRL+ALT+Char(s) Press CRT+ALT and one or more character(s). WinNc will scroll the active panel to the filename(s) starting the selected character(s).