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What is Network Connect?

On large networks or on networks with different domains or workgroups it is quite problematic to find and connect a network share as a drive. A solution is to use shortcuts to the network locations or to remember the drive. These solutions have disadvantages over reconnecting the network share to a drive.

The Network Connect Tool in WinNc connects and disconnects predefined network shares very quickly and even allows you to connect or disconnect a group of shares. For each share, the following information is predefined:

  • Readable name, i.e. 'My network connection'
  • Network share, i.e. '\\Server\Share'
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Group name, i.e. 'Company network'

Configuring Network Connect

In WinNc press [Ctrl-N] or select 'Panels'>'Network Connect' and the following dialog opens:


In this dialog double-click on the button 'Add connection...'. Now the following dialog opens:


The most important items to fill in are:

  • Network share, i.e. '\\Server\Share'
  • User Name (leave blank when connecting with the current user credentials)
  • Password (leave blank when no password is necessary to connect)

The group name is 'General' by default. When you enter a different group name a new group will be created.

Connecting a drive

Double click on the requested share to connect the drive. By default the preconfigured drive letter will be used, but it is possible to select a different drive using the drop down box. The tool automatically detects if a share is already connected. When connected it will disconnect on double click.

It is also possible to connect or disconnect a complete group by right-click on the group (or one item in the group). Then a context menu will show with the option to connect or disconnect the group.