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WinNc is developed with the possibility to operate in portable mode.

How to setup portable mode

By default, WinNc is installed in 'C:\Program Files'. When WinNc is installed in another location (e.g. USB drive) it automatically switches to portable mode.

Location of the configuration in portable mode

By default (when installed in program files), WinNc saves the configuration in 'c:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\WinNc\' for Windows 7. When WinNc starts in portable mode, WinNc saves the configuration in the same folder as the installation folder.

You can locate the configuration folder in the options dialog, where you find a link in the lower-left corner. You can safely copy the content of the original configuration folder ('...AppData\Roaming\WinNc') to the portable location (e.g. 'E:\WinNc\Config' when it is installed in 'E:\WinNc')