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In this chapter you can find more information about the WinNc tabs. You can use all of them at once, or if you do not want to use them do not have to. However, their use for file management much easier.

You can sort them by using drag and drop or you can rename them.

Panel state tabs

The panel state tabs are above menu.

Folder tabs


The folder tabs are above panels. You can set multiple tabs. Each tab contains a path. When the tab is activated by clicking on it, the path is loaded into the panel.

This type of WinNc tab can be pinned, to protect from path changes. When you change a directory on pinned tab, the new directory appears on new tab.

You can add new directory tab with pressing <Ctrl + Enter> on selected directory/archive, or click on the '+' last tab.

You can close directory tab with X at the end of the tabs. If there is only one tab, can not be closed.

Project panel

The video gives an impression on how a tab is added and how a link is added to the project panel


The project tabs are below left/right panels. Each project tab has got unique color, which can be adjusted in the options or use the Edit.

The project panels can be activated by clicking the project tabs.

The project panel is the extra panel at the right of the files. This panel can contain links to all kind of files that helps you in the context of the selected tab.

The project panel can contain different categories where links are grouped. The categories can be renamed. The first category is always the project information category. The information categoty contains:

- tab name: This shows and allows you to edit the tab name.

- tab link: This is the small button next to the tab name '>>'. This button allows the user to jump back to the project root folder.\

- Image: This shows the project icon and can be changed by clicking on the image. You can select user defined image to be displayed.

- Hide sub tabs: By default when you are in a project tab and browse to another project tab, the other project tab will be opened. Use this option to avoid entering sub tabs.

- Virtual tab: When this option is selected, only the project panel is opened and the current location is not influenced (it does not open the folder).