WinNc compression support

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WinNc Compression support

Supported compression standards

- Zip - BZip 2 - ISO - 7z - TAR - Gzip

Supported uncompress standard

- Zip - ISO - Bzip - 7z - TAR - Gzip - Rar - Arj

.bzip2 .iso .bz2 .rar .arj .z .lzh .7z .cab .nsis .lzma .pe .elf .macho .udf .xar .mub .hfs .dmg .compound .wim .chm .split .rpm .deb .cpio .tar .gzip

Create self-extractor

Here you can create a self-extracting zipfile. Self-extractor only works with zipfiles.

WinNc can create a self-extracting file from a zip-file. This self-extractor can easily be used by users not familiar with Winzip, WinNc or Pkzip. Choose one of these options: • Unpack to a directory This will unpack the files to a assigned directory To display a text file after unpacking check the "Autostart Readme.txt" checkbox. The readme.txt must reside in the zip file. • Autorun after unpack Start an application by choice after unpacking You can add a custom icon and a piece of information text to the self-extractor.